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Chiefs vs. Bills: Trick Or Treat Prediction Thread


Happy Halloween and happy game day Addicts. Today the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium and Todd Haley’s team hopes the scariest thing they’ll have to deal with today is the putrid play of the Buffalo Bills.

No game can be considered easy in the NFL and the Buffalo Bills are desperate for a win. I liken today’s game t a zombie movie. Sure, one on one a zombie isn’t that dangerous. They’re decaying, they’re slow and they’re stupid but the are blood thirsty and will stop at nothing to devourer your brains.

The Buffalo Bills are the zombie today. They are 0-6. They aren’t going to win ten straight and make the playoffs. They have nothing to lose but another game. Trick plays, 4th down conversions, options, it is all available for the Buffalo Bills. The Chiefs had better keep their heads on a swivel or the Buffalo Bills might just sneak out of the dark, bite them and turn them into the zombies of the AFC West.

Tricks and treats after the jump.

Treat: Jamaal Charles goes off.

Jamaal Charles is like a loaded gun. He could go off at any moment. With Dexter McCluster unlikely to play, Charles will be the Chiefs’ primary home run threat. The Bills defense loves to give up the big play and I think Jamaal Charles has a big day with three runs of 20+ yards.

Treat: Chris Chambers returns and has his best game of the year.

It it’s easy Chris Chambers doesn’t want it. When he was trying to get a big contract from the Chargers he showed up. When he got the contract, he vanished. When Chambers’ current wife was his current stalker, he got a restraining order. When the cops forced the girl to stay away, Chambers married her.

When he came to KC, Chambers was fending off the end of his career. When he got his new contract, predictably, he vanished again.

Todd Haley has Chambers figured out. Benching a healthy Chambers for two games was the best possible thing for Chambers. The Chiefs were able to win without him and they now have Chambers back in his hungry mindset. With McCluster likely to sit and the Bills D keying in on Dwayne Bowe, expect Chambers to come back today and have a huge game.

Also expect for him to vanish in a couple of games, get benched and then come back in time to play well in the playoffs.

Trick: Matt Cassel throws a pick.

He has to. He hasn’t thrown a pick in three games. He has been playing well and gaining confidence.

That means he is about to throw a ball he shouldn’t.

Cassel did the same thing last year. He threw two picks in Week 2 against the Raiders and then went four weeks without tossing a pick. Then he tossed three picks against the Chargers in the rain.

I don’t think he’ll have a massive backslide but the odds are in my favor in predicting an interception.

Then again, I predicted he same thing last week and I was wrong. Oh well. I’ll just keep doing it until it happens and I can say I was right.

Treat: The Chiefs win 31-16.

Chan and the Bills are dangerous but the Chiefs are too well coached. They won’t get spooked this Halloween.

Alright Addicts, it is your turn. Let’s hear your tick or treat predictions for today’s game.