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Chiefs VS. Bills: Buffalo Changes Defenses


The Kansas City Chiefs will face a different Buffalo Bills defense than most teams have face this year.

The Bills, who played a 4-3 defense in 2009 switched to a 3-4 defense upon the arrival of former Chiefs offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

Unfortunately for the Bills, they didn’t have the personnel to run the 3-4 and have been gradually switching back to a 4-3 base set. According to an article from Pro Football Talk, the Bills used 4-3 sets on most plays against the Baltimore Ravens last week.

The result?

They gave up 250 yards through the air, 135 yards on the ground and 37 points in an overtime loss.

The Bills may be more comfortable in the 4-3 set but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference against the Ravens.

What do you think Addicts? Will the Bills defense benefit from the change back to the 4-3 or will it just make things worse?