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Chiefs Are A Nightmare Matchup For Bills


The Kansas City Chiefs are a very bad matchup for the Buffalo Bills.

Then again, everyone is a bad matchup for the Buffalo Bills.

Yet the Chiefs are particularly bad. The Bills seem to be improving somewhat on the offensive side of the ball but their defense is utterly putrid. The only team in the NFL that has given up more points than the Bills is the Jacksonville Jaguars and that is only because the Bills have already had their bye week.

How bad has the Bills defense been? They have given up 198 points in six games.

Here is the breakdown:

Week 1: 15

Week: 2: 34

Week 3: 38

Week 4: 38

Week 5: 36

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: 37

The Bills are remarkably consistent in the points they are giving up. That means the Chiefs should probably be able to put up anywhere from 34 to 38 points this Sunday.

Making matters worse for the Bills, the Chiefs sport the league’s best rushing attack. KC averages a ridiculous 176.5 yards of rushing a game. The Bills on the other hand, give up an average of 174.5 yards a game on the ground.

This does not bode well for Buffalo. The Chiefs could probably never throw a pass and still win this game. Heck, they could probably give Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles the week off and run with Jackie Battle and still win.

Oh and the game as at Arrowhead.

The Chiefs clearly have everything in their favor this weekend but they had better stay focused. The Bills offense has been playing better so they do have the ability to put up some points.

As long as the Chiefs stay mentally sound however, they should have this one wrapped up by the end of the first half.