Arrowhead Addict’s Top Ten


It is time to take another look at Arrowhead Addicts top commenters. We are lead by three of our dedicated staff members, Jeremy, Merlin and Big Matt make up the top three spots respectively.

After that, the top reader is Ehud  coming in at 352 comments on the year. Dubldug, Andrew Crocker, Chiefsfanatic, Calchiefsfan, Chiefsfan567 and Matt Glazier round out the top ten.

You can always check our commenter leader board over on the right sidebar. If you want a chance at seeing your name on in the top 10 you have to be registered with Fansided. That means every time you visit AA you just log in and we will keep track of your stats. Simply putting in a name in the comments section without signing in doesn’t count.

Here is a look at the Top 10:

1. jeremyriversideca (614)
2. merlin (387)
3. Big Matt (352)
4. Ehud (343)
5. dubldug (310)
6. Andrew Crocker (284)
7. chiefsfanatic (263)
8. calchiefsfan (192)
9. chiefsfan567 (180)
10. matt glazier (158)

Thanks again to all of our dedicated readers and commenters. Your guys drive the great conversation we have here at AA and you add an invaluable aspect to our community.