Chiefs Get 5th Round Pick, Give Up 6th In Magee Trade


There is a report out from on the details of the Alex Magee trade:

We’ve learned the details of Tuesday’s trade that brought defensive end Alex Magee to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"The Bucs gave the Kansas City Chiefs a fifth-round pick for Magee, a 2009 third-round choice. But the Bucs also received a sixth-round pick back, making the net cost of the trade very little.Magee, who will wear No. 97, will be a little bit of a project for the Bucs who are desperately trying to increase their dormant pass rush."

It isn’t really much of anupgrade but it is still an upgrade. Scott Pioli seems to value 5th round draft picks. You may remember he made very good use of two 5th round picks during last year’s draft.

He used one in order to trade back into the 3rd round to draft Tony Moeaki and he used the other to draft Kendrick Lewis.

This trade may seem insignificant now but if Pioli can work his 5th round magic again next year, it could pay off big time. Then again, Magee was a 3rd round pick himself…but we;ll ignore that for now. =)