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Chiefs Vs. Texans: Game Day Predictions


The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Houston Texans later today in the biggest game of the season thus far.

The Chiefs are in a very interesting position Sunday and a win could pay big dividends for the rest of the season. Currently KC stands at 3-1 while the rest of the AFC West sits at 2-3. If the Chiefs can pull out a win they will be 4-1 and in the drivers seat in the AFC West. If they lose, they will fall to 3-2 and the rest of the division will have a chance to close the gap to 1/2 a game.

It is still early in the season but Sunday is gut check time for the Chiefs. If they hope to go far this season they need to learn to beat good teams on the road.

I was feeling pretty confident about the Chiefs’ chances until Saturday when I head rumors of Todd Haley scrapping the team’s game plan due to a poor week of practice by QB Matt Cassel.

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I know the reports are unsubstantiated but I have no reason to believe Shan Shariff would make up a rumor for no reason on a Saturday on Twitter. If he wanted to spread rumors to boost his listener ratings he could have done that on Friday when he was actually on the air. I’m not saying what he said is definitely true but I am saying he probably heard it from someone he implicitly trusts. I don’t think he would have reported it otherwise. I have to admit, this makes me very nervous.

Even if the Chiefs did scrap a passing attack game plan for a more conservative one, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t going to work. The Chiefs are a very good running team and if they find a way to get things going they may not need to throw very much.

Still, chances are the Texans are going to come out stacking the box and stopping the run is something Houston has been successful at this season. Even if the Chiefs changed things up they still practiced the throws and will be able to use them if they have to.

In the end I think it will come down to the Chiefs defense and special teams. If one or both of those units can come up with a big play for a score I think the Chiefs can pull out the win.

Chiefs benefit from some turnovers and run away with things.

Chiefs 24, Texans 13