Arrowhead Adventures! Former Player Regrets?


We have come a long way Addicts. In my opinion its way to early to celebrate, but enjoying the moment is a requirement for all Chiefs fans!

This morning’s news that the Chiefs remain the only undefeated team in the NFL made me think.

Jared Allen. Tony Gonzalez. Larry Johnson.  Three players that in their prime (save Johnson) were the best in the league. Traded primarily at the players request, or because of attitude and behavior problems. No doubt they felt they would have better futures with other teams as the Chiefs were in the middle of a historical losing streak.

But what about now?

The Chiefs sit at the top with the best win loss ratio in the NFL!  Sounds like no big deal at 3-0, except for the fact that no other team was able to do it.

The Vikings sit at 1-2, while Atlanta sits at 3-1. The last I heard, Larry Johnson jerseys were being given away to underprivledged kids in underdeveloped countries, much like those t-shirts that proclaim the losing Superbowl team actually won. And Larry sits at home waiting for the phone to ring, like Arafat, a man without a country.

So what do you think Addicts? A post trade evaluation, I believe is in order. In my heart I would love to have Jared and Tony back to enjoy the success, however fleeting it might be.

But what about the players themselves? Do you think they are having any regrets?