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Bills Release Trent Edwards, Chiefs Interested


The Buffalo Bills have released QB Trent Edwards and ESPN is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs, among other teams are interested.

Edwards will have to pass through waivers before becoming a free agent. The general consensus is that he will be claimed before that happens.

According to ESPN, the Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks are all expected to put in a claim on Edwards.

If you don’t know how the waiver wire works I will give you a little rundown after the jump.

Only players with four or fewer accrued NFL seasons enter the waiver wire. A player that has to pass through waivers can be claimed by any of the NFL’s 32 teams. If only one team puts in a waiver claim, they are awarded the player. If two teams put in a claim on the player, the team with the higher waiver priority is awarded the player.

The waiver order is determined by a team’s record. For the the first four games of the season, the waiver order is based on the team’s record from the previous year. After the 4th week, it is based on the current year.

Thus the Lions, who had the worst record in the league last season, would have the first crack at Edwards. If they pass on him, the Rams would be next and so on.

Since we have not yet reached the 4th week of the season, the Chiefs are still very high on the waiver priority list. In fact, if only the teams ESPN reported (Carolina Panthers (8-8), Jacksonville Jaguars(7-9), Kansas City Chiefs (4-12), New York Jets (9-7) and Seattle Seahawks (5-11), put in a claim, the Chiefs will be awarded Edwards by 4 PM Tuesday.

The Chiefs are currently only carrying two QB’s on the active roster. If they were to claim Edwards, he would have to be added to the active roster meaning someone would have to be cut.

What do you think Addicts?