Randy’s Postgame Report From Amen Corner!


I just rolled in from another Chiefs home victory Addicts! What a great feeling it is. This time I had more time to wander around before the game started and I must say, the new Arrowhead is everything promised and more.  Even better, the old crowd is back. The old tailgating is in full swing and that league famous crowd noise once again makes your ears bleed.

Priest Holmes was back too! Though not on the field, he stood in a Sprint booth, signing autographs and posing with photos. He looked like he could suit up and play. The line was too long, so we went on inside.

My buddy Kent and I yelled until our throats hurt, banged chair backs until our arms got numb, and slapped palms with the fans around us until, well you get the picture. It was an incredible day at Arrowhead once again.

We talked to quite a few fans in our section,  collected thoughts and captured moods.

Most in our section were still not sold on Cassel as our franchise QB. That changed as his numbers grew bigger on the scoreboard and  especially after the long TD pass to Moeaki. Fan opinions change with the wind. We shall see.

Before the game, few thought we could win our next two games after the break. Optimism in that area also grew following the game.

Most in the crowd thought Bowe didn’t bring much today, though his TD catch was enough in my mind.

We chanted “Free JC, Free JC!” most of the game, and everyone was pleased that it indeed seemed Jamaal saw more action.

The little corner my seats are located in is a pregame gathering place for many of the players, we traded enthusiasms with Bowe, Pope, Battle, Waters, and Cassel to name a few.

The weather and the cheerleaders were gorgeous, and when the game ended, we both had an optimism neither of us could remember having for a long long time.

I’m calling it a day Addicts! Its a great time to be a Chiefs fan, a time we have been waiting for. How long it will last? Who knows. A division win is a definite possibility in my eyes.

I’ll take things a game at a time.