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Chiefs Vs. 49ers: Final Predictions


The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the 49ers today at Arrowhead Stadium and I though that after a week of talking and debating Chiefs here at AA that it was time for us all to go on the record.

I’m going to lay out a few predictions for today’s game. I encourage you all to do the same in the comments. Later tonight or this week, we’ll revisit these predictions and see who was right and who we can all make fun of. =)

1. Jamaal Charles will get 20 touches

I’ve been critical of Todd Haley in his handling of Jamaal Charles. While I think the criticism of Haley is warranted, I don’t think Haley is an idiot. I know he must have a reason for distributing the carries the way he is. Whether it is a good reason or not I don’t know but I think he is going to unleash Charles today. Haley knows the Chiefs have had trouble on offense and he is going to get Charles more involved.

2. Eric Berry will get his first career interception

I am sure that the Chiefs coaching staff have been showing Eric Berry the film of Josh Cribbs running by him over and over again. The 49ers don’t really have a threat like Cribbs at WR. Berry will be used heavily to stop Frank Gore in the running game. I think at some point, the 49ers, like the Chargers and Browns before them, are going to try to get cute and beat the Chiefs over the top. Berry is a stud and is going to mature faster than your average rookie. I think today he doesn’t bite on the play fake and comes up with a big turnover for the Chiefs.

3. DJ has double digit tackles

Derrick Johnson has been playing better the last two weeks as I have ever seen. He seems extremely focused and comfortable;e with his role in the defense. He and Belcher will be absolutely crucial in shutting down Frank Gore. DJ’s speed will be particularly important as the Niners are likely to throw at least 5-7 swing or screen passes to Gore. DJ will need to get out to the perimeter fast and make the tackle before Gore gets a full head of steam.

4. Matt Cassel will throw for over 200 yards

I don’t know if Matt Cassel is the long term answer but I know that he works too darn hard not to have some success at times this season. He is at home and I think that Cleveland’s secondary is better than people thing. Expect Cassel to do a much better job throwing down field today.

5. The Chiefs will win in overtime, 16 to 13

I think this will be the Chiefs first overtime game of the year and I think they will win it. I foresee a strong defensive effort by both clubs with lots of work for the kickers and punters. The Chiefs get the edge behind their strong special teams play and the home crowd.

Alright Addicts. Those are my game predictions. Time to put up or shut up. Sound off!