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Madden 11 Roster Update #5 Gives Chiefs Some Love


Madden 11 roster update #5 went live this morning and while there weren’t a ton of changes to the Chiefs players, there was one nice boost that should make Chiefs fans feel pretty good.

The Kansas City team rating has been boosted from 71 over all to 74 overall.

After years of Madden futility the Chiefs are finally almost playable as a team. While 74 still isn’t a great rating, if the Chiefs continue to pile up wins, the Madden team will continue to pile on the love.

The only other major change for the Chiefs was that Brandon Flowers saw his rating jump from 87 to 88 overall thanks to his pick six against the Browns.

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Lastly, CB Jackie Bates was added to the roster. YES! Jackie Bates! I have to tell you, I have been looking forward to this one. As soon as I get home, I am adjusting my roster to bench Flowers and get Bates in the starting lineup where he belongs!

Kidding aside, I think this was a pretty fair update for the Chiefs. There weren’t too many standout plays in Cleveland to lend aid to individual rating boosts. It was an overall team effort and that was reflected in the update.

Hopefully the Chiefs will have a nice performance against the Niners so they can receive more boosts in the last update before the team’s bye week.

What do you think, Madden Addicts? Are you happy with this round of updates? Is anything missing? You can see all the changes here.