Madden 11 Week 2 Roster Update


The details for the week 2 Madden 11 roster update have been released. I have to say, I like some of the moves and some have me scratching my head. This is a Chiefs site so we are only covering those ratings but if you stumbled here through a search you can see the full list here.

Anthony Toribio Added

Charlie Anderson Added

Demorrio Williams Decrease, from 79 to 76OVR

?? Don’t get it. Williams didn’t play badly from what I could see. He just didn’t play a lot. They just raised his rating last week…don’t understand.

Chris Chambers WR Decrease, from 82 to 80OVR

??? What? Why? It was pouring down rain.

Dwayne Bowe  Decrease, from 85 to 84OVR

See Chambers, Chris. They also just raised Bowe from 84 to 85 last week.

Dustin Colquitt  Decrease, from 91 to 89OVR

Flat out WRONG. He had one bad punt…in a wind storm.

Tony Moeaki  Increase, from 69 to 70OVR

So Colquitt drops 2 points for having one bad punt and Moeaki only goes up 1 point for having a TD and leading the team in receiving?

Jovon Belcher  Increase, from 71 to 73OVR

Correct. Should continue to go up.

Javier Arenas  Increase, from 71 to 74OVR

Correct. Arenas is a beast and is showing improvement in his pass defense.

Dexter McCluster  Increase, from 72 to 74OVR

I can live with this for now, if only because Dex hasn’t made a huge impact in the passing game…yet.

Ron Edwards  Increase, from 74 to ??

It doesn’t say but Big Ron played well and deserves a bump.

Derrick Johnson  Increase, from 76 to 80OVR

They can’t jack him up too high after just one game but if DJ plays like that again, he could have his eyes on the Pro Bowl. If he dominates in Cleveland I want at least an 85 rating.

Glenn Dorsey Increase, from 78 to 81OVR

Finally! Great game by Glenn.

Brandon Flowers  Increase, from 85 to 87OVR

Sweet. Right on.

Eric Berry  Man Coverage Decrease, from 84 to 80

Fair. He struggled against Gates…which is to be expected. He is still a rookie and he will be fine.

Casey Wiegmann Moved to C #1

Thanks for catching up.

Eric Berry Moved to SS #1 on depth chart

Welcome to 3 weeks ago EA. Well done.

Cameron Sheffield  Placed on IR – neck


Matt Cassel Play Action Increase/Awareness Decrease


Javier Arenas Wears #21 jersey now

Kendrick Lewis Wears #23 jersey now

I think some of these are a little ill informed…in particular dropping the ratings of our receivers in a game where it was raining and the few passes our QB did throw were terribly inaccurate.

And the Colquitt rating drop is absurd.

What do you Madden Addicts think?