Arrowhead Adventures! Post Game Day Thoughts


It’s called Amen Corner. The corner of the field at the opposite end of the side with the tunnel. Just to the left of the team. The location of my new seats. Its been a corner of unbelivable action at Arrowhead. For that reason, its said, the players gather before games, for quiet conversations with God.

They usually gather as a group. Quite a few of the fans including yours truly join them. It leaves us all with a sense of peace and hope for the future. It feels good.

When the group was finished this Monday night, I was surprised to see a skipping Dwayne Bowe carelessly and aimlessly meander toward our corner. Many of the seats around Lori and I were still empty, and Dwayne raised his head and smiled at me. I pointed at him with both hands high over my head. He smiled broadly and pointed back. Then he kneeled and began his private conversation as the corner grew quiet again.

“Nobody is gonna believe that” I smiled at Lori. She smiled back and told me she saw it happen,  Thats all that mattered I knew.

Bowe skipped back (its the only way I can describe it), and the crowd resumed our dutiful screams , our contribution to the loudest stadium in the NFL, that night no doubt, in the world.

It was a special moment for Lori and I. The special kind of moments that happen to you at Arrowhead. The kind of moments that don’t happen in your living room.

A lot happend when Dwayne smiled at me. I forgave him for the stories he told about his first season, and his subsequent denials. I forgave him for using banned substances. I forgave him for dropping key passes, and missing key blocks. And he thanked me for my forgiveness. Dwayne made me a promise too. He promised me a win that night,   then he skipped down the sideline and got it done.

Action From Amen Corner

A lot of special things happend to a lot of excited people Monday night. But that one thing only happened to me. And to this Arrowhead Adventurer who has been thinking lately that season ticket money could go to a better use, well those thoughts skipped away with Dwayne that Monday night  too.

I took a little video of Amen corner that night, its nothing you can’t see all over youtube I’m sure, but to me the video and the picture Lori took preserves a the most special memory I can think of at Arrowhead. Click on it, I hope you enjoy it one hundredth as much as I enjoyed living it.

The parking was horrendous, I broke both my official NFL Chiefs fold up chairs in Lori’s Jeep hatchback. We didn’t have time to eat our bbq, the chilly rain soaked us, the gate guards wouldn’t let me go out and get our ponchos. It was the best time I have ever had at Arrowhead in my life.

Keep at this Addicts, its gonna be a great 2010 season. See you next time. From Amen Corner.