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My Chief Concerns: Wining Ugly Is A Beautiful Thing


I really don’t know what to say.   A win is a win.  I do not care how we got it, or what it looked like.  Admittedly we have lots of room for improvement, but for once we have come up on the right side instead of the wrong.

First, congratulations are in order.  I want to congratulate all the rabid Chief fans who filled the stadium and played that 12th man position better than I have seen since the good ole Derrick Thomas days.  Even the rain reminded me of the Derrick Thomas/Jeff George/Raider monsoon many years ago, (even though we weren’t sacking like DT did). You braved the elements and singlehandedly discombobulated Phillips Rivers and his entire offense.  The crowd helped to win this game.  Pat yourself on the back.

Next, I would like to congratulate YOU.  Yes you; the person reading these words right here, right now.  You, (like I and others) have been here all along, through the few good times and mostly bad over the last couple of years.  This is a win that you so desperately need, and is giving you the motivation to come to this site and post below your gripes and praise of your favorite team.  This site is all about you and it is your place to vent both good and bad.  You deserve this win for being such a loyal fan.  As you know most of the bloggers here are just plain fans no different from you.  We are not professional sports writers, nor are we trying to be.

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Are we going to win every game?  That is highly doubtful, but we have not won an opener in God knows how long.  So it feels good even if it was very ugly at times.

I am not going to beat up on Matt Cassel today.  (I am sure all of you will).  He and Weiss better figure something out and quick. I will heap this praise upon him though: despite poor play, he protected the ball.  He made sure he threw it away and was not pressing or trying to be a hero.  One turnover, from the offense and this would have been a different game.  Matt needs to work on his timing, rhythm and accuracy, but he appeared to make good decisions, despite the weather conditions, coverages and play calling.  I am positive that he will improve.  He has to.

I am also sure a lot of you have mixed emotions about this game, but a win is a win, we will take it.  Lets see our beloved Chiefs build upon it.  Let us see them take this momentum and carry it over to better performance against the Cleveland Browns.

Let’s hear what you have to say.  There is so much to talk about.  Enjoy your day.  Now I am off to Court.  I do have to make a living, since this gig pays absolutely nothing.  My only reward is a  Chiefs win and Chiefs respect.  Which we got.