Fantasy Football: Time To Wake Up


After a long hiatus the Old Chief has decided to make his return. Today’s topic Fantasy Football. No not the one of millions of fans participate in but the fantasy that Chiefs fans live in. Yes, I understand we had a good draft and this is the second year of the Pioli-Haley regime. The coaching staff has had valuable additions of Romeo and Charlie, but the fact that the Chiefs talent level remains near the bottom of the NFL. Let’s explore the reality of 2010.

First, we are counting on two Qb’s who have yet to demonstrate that they have answer to our quarterback issues. Cassel lacks arms strength and the leadership skills to be a topflight Qb. Croyle has an NFL arm but quite frankly is a china doll on the field. Secondly, our front seven is a disaster. Derrick Johnson has been up and down throughout his career and has yet demonstrate that he was worth a first-round pick. Our outside LBs are manned by a veteran on his downside in of his career in Mike Vrabel and a Division 3 refugee in Andy Studebaker. Only Tamba Hali has made our opponents game plan for his presence.

Our defensive line is the definition of underachievement. Tyson Jackson reminds me of other first round busts in Junior Siavii and Ryan Sims. Glenn Dorsey improved his play last year and his absence was painfully apparent against the Browns. Dorsey still is yet to prove he is a good fit in the 3-4 defense. Nose tackle remains a journeyman’s wasteland. The only other positive on defense is our secondary which led by Flowers, Lewis and Berry could have a quantum jump from 2009.

The offensive line remains a patchwork with Waters near the end of his career and Lilja having difficulty run blocking in Indy resulting in his release. Dwayne Bowe remains an enigma and his selfish play hurts the offense.

In total my love for the Chiefs has lasted for greater than 50 years. Yet I remain a realist expecting no better than six wins in 2010. Unlike my fellow fans I choose not to live in fantasyland or believe the media hype!

Season prediction: 5-11