Paddy’s Pilgrimage And The AA Meetup


Tomorrow I will begin my long thousand mile pilgrimage to Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium.

That’s right Addicts. I run a Kansas City Chiefs website and I have never been to Arrowhead Stadium. I have never seen the Chiefs play live. I have never even been to Kansas City. Yes it is a shame.

But that is how much I love the Kansas City Chiefs! I was pulled in to Chiefs Nation thanks to Joe Montana and Marcus Allen. My first ever football jersey was the #32 Marcus Allen jersey. I got it in junior high. I still have that jersey today and, thank God, it still fits me. Those Chiefs of the 90’s were good enough to capture the imagination of a kid from Cleveland. My red jersey stood out amongst the orange and brown but I didn’t care.

“Someday,” I thought, “I’ll go to Arrowhead Stadium.”

15 years later, the time has come. I am so excited. I have been jacked about this for months. Chiefs. Monday Night Football. Division Rivalry. Arrowhead. BBQ.  Tailgating!

Could it get any better? I’m coming home!

And I want to share it all with you! I am going to be running a “Paddy’s Pilgrimage” diary throughout the weekend. I’ll be snapping pictures, taking videos and recording editions of Addict TV. Stay tuned to AA throughout the weekend and I will have my reviews of all things Kansas City.

Most importantly, I want to meet you! We have some really great readers and I encourage you to come out, meet me and throw a couple back during the afternoon games on Sunday. I’ll have a separate post on the location and time for the AA meetup and just a bit but it will be in the Power and Light District on Sunday afternoon.

RSVP in the comments and let me know if you can make it out!

And Go Chiefs!