My Chief Concerns: Planning an Arrowhead Weekend


Note: Jeremy posted this a couple of months ago. I am bringing it back today because I know a lot of you, myself included, are making your first trip to Arrowheaed this weekend. This post has a lot of great info in the comments and I thought we could add to it.



It’s the calm before the storm.  However, things are beginning to heat up around here at Arrowhead Addict as training camp is right around the corner.  I do believe the Chiefs’ single game ticket sales begin in July too.  Why is that important?  Because this Southern Californian, is finally going to see the Chiefs at the New Arrowhead this year!   So pardon me for the following solicitation, there will be no observations or opinions from me today (insert sarcastic joke here), I just need your help (insert another sarcastic joke).

As a life long Chiefs fan I have yet to make the trek to the motherland.  Go ahead and boo, I deserve it.  I have always wanted to go but, believe it or not, I never had the chance (money, time, just plain laziness).  No more excuses.

I won’t be going to Arrowhead alone though.  I will have my fiancé and two best friends with me. It will probably be the 49ers game in September; I don’t feel like sitting outside in November or December. I want it to be special. I want them to know why I bleed red and gold everyday and that is why I need your suggestions.

I was doing some planning (ie. flights, hotels, restaurants, tickets, car rental, tailgating, etc.) and I thought that I should put up a post and give our  numerous “home town fans”  a chance to let our “out of town fans” know the best way to enjoy Arrowhead (other than a Chiefs win).  So, home town fans please comment even if you never have before.  Here is the question: If you were flying into Kansas City on Friday night and leaving right after the game on Sunday, where would you go and what would you do in between?

So, please offer up some suggestions, your help will greatly be appreciated by all, and will make this fan’s and other out of town fan’s experience even better.

I have a short list of questions after the jump.

Accommodations and Flight

  • Where is the best place to stay (Hotel) and enjoy Kansas City all Saturday yet be close enough to get to the stadium on Sunday(give a couple of suggestions)?
  • Should you stay closer to the Plaza, the airport, or the Stadium?
  • How far is the stadium from the Airport?  How far is downtown from the airport?
  • Is the stadium easy to get to on game day?
  • How long does it take to get out of the parking lot after the game (gotta catch a flight, you know)?  Similarly, when should your flight be scheduled to leave to go back home on Sunday?  Is 5:00 pm to soon, or 6:00 pm,; how about  7:00 p.m.?


  • Where should we go on Saturday?
  • Are there any good pubs or breweries in Kansas City? (We are all rabid beer drinkers).
  • Museums, golf, shopping, etc., where are the spots for killing time on Saturday?
  • Where is the best BBQ?( I know tough question)
  • What would you want to do on a Saturday in Kansas City during football season?


  • What time do you arrive?
  • Are there any Arrowhead parking lot/tailgating rules?
  • Can you drink in the parking lot?  (You can’t in Los Angeles)
  • What does parking cost?
  • What other Do’s and Don’ts exist?
  • Do they have restrooms or portable restrooms in the parking lot? (The fiancé’ is coming, got keep the lady happy; insert sarcastic joke here)

The Game

  • Where is the best place to sit in the stadium?
  • What time should you get into the stadium, (not the parking lot)?
  • How much are the brewskis in the stadium?
  • Can you bring your own food or snacks into the stadium?
  • What kind of temperature can I expect in late September?
  • Any other unsolicited advice? (insert sarcastic joke here)