Open Mic Night; What Would You Do?


Have you ever watched a game and wondered why in the hell are they doing that?  Or better yet, why in the hell are they not doing that?  Well, obviously, as a Chiefs fan, especially during the Edwards, Solari era, I did.  I am sure you did too.

In my humble and non football expert opinion, I believe the best way to stop the Chargers offense is by focusing on two players: Antonio Gates and Ryan Mathews.  They are the Chargers best offensive weapons period.  Malcom Floyd (WR) and Legadue Naannee (WR) do not scare me.  Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr should have no problem covering these two by themselves.  Neither receiver is a number one receiver.    If they cannot cover these two wide outs then they will be unable to cover anyone all season long.

We have to double cover Antonio Gates with a linebacker and safety and most certainly on third down. Without safety help Gates will eat us up all night.  Eric Berry should do the trick.  Second, we have to stop the run.  Ryan Mathews has a lot and I mean a lot of hype, but he is still a rookie.  If we kill the run game and leave them with Floyd and Naannee as their only open options we win; right?

So go ahead, let us hear how you think we should stop the Chargers Offense.  It is your turn to be Romeo Crennel.  Or just talk about whatever you want.  Have a good night Addicts.