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Chiefs QB Options


The Kansas City Chiefs cut third string QB Tyler Palko yesterday in an effort to slice their roster to 53 players. It is possible but unlikely the Chiefs will go in to the season carrying only two QB’s. That means one of the signal callers that were released yesterday will probably find their way into a Chiefs uniform before long.

Below is a list of available QB’s I think the Chiefs should go after, in order.

1. Matt Leinart

Despite all the bad feelings out there about Matt Lainart, as for as 3rd string QB’s go, he is a bargain. He is familiar with Todd Haley and his offensive style and would be able to step in and learn the Chiefs playbook fairly fast.

I know a lot of Chiefs fans are worried about the presence of Leinart being a distraction to Matt Cassel. I don’t think this should be a concern. This is Cassel’s team and everyone knows it. Leinart would be coming in as a third stringer and would be too far away from Cassel on the depth chart to be a real threat. The argument that the Chiefs shouldn’t bring in talented players behind their starting QB is hogwash. If Cassel can’t handle pressure from the guys below him on the depth chat he isn’t going to be able to handle pressure from opposing defenses.

The Chiefs offense is designed for Matt Cassel. It is full of procession receivers and check down playmakers to make the QB’s job easier. Leinart is a similar QB to Matt Cassel with similar problems. He would be the perfect emergency QB for the 2010 Chief.

Don’t worry about a QB controversy. If things get so bad that fans are calling for Matt Leinart to be the Chiefs starting QB, Kansas City will be drafting a QB in the first round of the draft in 2011.

As for Leinart’s reported attitude problems, I think he just spent last night eating a big slice of humble pie. KC would be a great place for him to start over and try to resurrect his career. For a guy like Leinart, staying in the league right now is very important. The Chiefs could provide him with that opportunity and he could provide the Chiefs with some solid depth for a season.

2. Troy Smith

3. J.P. Losman

4. Chis Simms

I am going for experience here over young guys with little talent and high upside. This is the emergency QB situation we are talking about here. The above guys are far from spectacular but they have enough experience to come in to the game and hand off to Jones, Charles and McCluster 50 times and run a few dump off plays without getting too rattled. The Chiefs are set with Matt Cassel and Brodie Croyle. More experience in the emergency slot is where I would go first.

4. Pat White

5. Levi Brown

6. Dan LeFevour

7. John David Booty

8. Colt Brennan

If the Chiefs do decide to go the developmental, high upside route, these guys listed above would be fine. White is the most intriguing option because of what he can do with his legs. I also have liked what I have seen from Brown and LeFevour at times so I wouldn’t mind seeing what Weis could do with those guys.

That is my list. It is your turn Addicts. Who do you think the Chiefs should go after and why?