Look folks , my view of presea..."/>
Look folks , my view of presea..."/>

A Tailgaters View of Preseason Games


Look folks , my view of preseason games is this:

The final score is not important. The score at half time is. Thats it. Thats my view. Pretty simple.

A simple fact that leads to a simple result. August tends to be a pretty frustrating month for me. And for Kansas City Chiefs fans everywhere.

Why? Simple again. I forget that most fans and non-fans alike have an overwhelming tendency to focus on the final score. And I have to deal with it when I come to work the next day. And increasingly when I click on AA.

You see, preseason games began with an intent long lost to the average fan. To be a scrimmage. To stretch the legs of the starters, and to test the guys on the fence, and to acclimate players to actual playing conditions in the NFL.  Fan’s who attended enjoyed a substantially lower ticket price. Owners passed little or none of the proceeds onto the players.

As per Wikipedia:

"With the AFL-NFL merger of 1970, professional football was granted a Sherman Anti-Trust Act exemption, which emboldened some team owners to expand the exhibition schedule and to require season-ticket holders to pay for one, then two, then three home exhibition games if they wanted to keep their season tickets. The exhibition season then became, and remains, a large source of owner revenue that is not shared with the players. For several years through 1977, the NFL season consisted of 14 regular season games and six exhibition games, usually three at home and three away, with some played at neutral sites. Starting in 1978, the regular season was expanded to 16 games, and the exhibition season was cut from six to four games"

The result?

Games that began as scrimmages have evolved into games that look like games that count to non NFL fans, and sure seem like they should count to the pocketbook of season ticket holders who must pay full price for these practices held at times that make it nearly impossible for the commuter to drive up and back in the same day.

Should the team coaching staff treat them like they were originally intended, they are likely to walk away with increased knowledge of the ablility of unknown players, as well as the current condition of those sure to make the final cut, but a loss.

Should the coaching staff focus on winning the event, fans will likely be left with a false sense of security for the upcoming season. Likely their first string players beat the other teams second and third string roster.

Thats why I’m rooting for the preseason games to be reduced in number or eliminated all together. The result would be a financial windfall for this season ticket holder. Plus I’d get to see more regular season games. And a final end to driving home from KC at two in the morning.

Let me get out my crystal ball and make a couple of predictions:

1. We will extend the the regular season and reduce the preseason by 2012.

2. There will be regular season games played by regular season players in 2011. 99% certainty.

What do you think Addicts? I no expert, lets hear your thoughts.