Twitter Alert!


Some interesting Chiefs related tweets out there this morning so here is a recap:

"ChiefsPR #Chiefs GM Scott Pioli scheduled to join the Border Patrol on WHB at 8:05 AM this morning."

"almighty31 I Want to thank everyone for the prayers. In my heart I truly believe that they helped."

"BFlowers24 Sooo my roomate for camp is out eating steak with his daughter n wife..n im siting in the hotel lookn at the wall listening to slow jams fml"

"getnickwright I don’t know a bigger Todd Haley supporter than me in the past… BUT (1 of 2)…getnickwright…blatantly lying about something as innocent as players staying in a hotel doesn’t sit right with me. I just don’t get it (2 of 2)getnickwright And if people are wondering what brought this up again, Brandon Flowers was tweeting about his hotel room."