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Chiefs Roster Cuts Are Coming


Players on the fringe of making the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs roster are running out of opportunities to be noticed.

In fact, for some, their fate may already be sealed.

The Chiefs are back in Kansas City and are preparing for their most important preseason game. The 3rd preseason game is traditionally the game where the starters play in to the 3rd quarter. That means limited chances for depth chart bottom feeders hoping to make an impression.

In just 8 days, the Chiefs will be forced to trim their roster from 80 players, down to 75 players.

While this isn’t a significant roster cut, it does mean that 160 players are about to hit the streets across the NFL. The Chiefs likely have their eye on some players on other teams. If those players are cut, the Chiefs may try to pick them up and that means that some players who survive the initial cut will be sent home the next day.

In just over  a week, the Chiefs will be one step closer to their 53.