Randy’s Report: Training Camp Wrap Up


As those of you bored enough to read my posts may remember, I was able to attend two training camp sessions this year, both early. I reported extreme conditions, substantially less than full intensity, and an overal malaise in the team that concerned me.

My buddy and long time Chiefs fan – home game attendee, Larry was lucky enough to be able to attend the last session of the season, and was kind enough to give AA a report.

His wrap up:

1. Dwayne Bowe dropped several passes. Not looking good.

2. Matt Cassell  was very accurate and looked sharp.

3. Clark Hunt gave a post training camp speech, and slurred his words to the consternation of the crowd. Larry doesn’t have an explanation for the impediment, not described as a stutter. What do you think may have been going on there Addicts?

4. Berry looked very sharp, very good speed, but got burned a couple of times. Welcome to the NFL Mr. Berry. (We are very glad you’re here)

5. Both Succop and Colquitt looked great.  Larry and I both remember when we had no  kicking talent at all, as do you folks I’m sure. I think we might have a Pro Bowl kicker folks. What do you think?

6. Larry felt the defense has developed more talent and skills than the offense this year.

7. Larry thought  McCluster looked very good as well.

Larry took plenty of photos and video, and when he gets back home has promised to send us what he can, so we can look forward to more exclusive photos and videos hopefully early next week (including a 40 yard Matt Cassel pass – catch video).  Thanks to Larry, William, and all the rest who contributed to AA’s exclusive updates, photos, and videos the last couple of weeks.

As for your Arrowhead Adventurer, well preseason home games are right around the corner, my plans at this time are to be there.  See you then!