NFL Preseason Live Is Worth The Price


Earlier today I mentioned to you guys that I would be purchasing the $40 NFL Preseason Live package in order to watch the Chiefs 4 preseason games.

I bought the package tonight to do a test run and make sure I would have everything working tomorrow night. I have to tell you, I am impressed. I don’t have the fastest internet connection in the world but the picture is very clear and there is little to no lag.

The player enables you to go forward or back 10 seconds in case want to run a replay and you are also able to hit a button to return to the live action. If there is another game you are interested in watching you can watch up to 4 games at once.

Lastly you can choose which feed you want to watch as well as which broadcast team you want to listen to.

If you aren’t in the KC area and you really want to watch the preseason games I highly recommend  this method vs. trying to find a crappy feed online.

Be sure to join us here tomorrow night at 8 eastern, 7 central for our live game chat.