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Chiefs Practice Report: Live Post


Randy is back at training camp and will be providing us with live updates. This post will be updating live throughout the practice so be sure to hit refresh.


* Bows  makes his entry shirt rolled up to chest.

* Big fight at least thirty players. Thomas Jones has huge arms. Unreal. Cassel overthrowing bidtime. Looks bad. Super hot.

* Players seem full speed. Branding Albert looks fast among rest of o line and is huge.

* Mccluster catching everything.

* Weis looks sick.

* Studebaker first in everything big hustler.

* Wow Glenn dorsey looks like he lost a ton of weight.

* Asomoah one of the smaller guys.

More after the jump.

*A two hour scheduled session about one hour of actual drills coach is winding it up now, many picture and videos to share Friday.

* Brody throws low pass intercepted crowd yells Brody sucks.

* Brody throws powerful line drive to Clinton Lawrence crowd cheers