Scrimmage Practice Report


The Chiefs offense and defense faced off in an intra-team scrimmage today to the delight of some 10,000 fans.

Think about that. The Chiefs had 10,00 fans. At a practice. In August.

To say that Chiefs Nation is excited about this team would be an understatement.

The Chiefs ran various personnel groups against each other throughout the course of the scrimmage. There was no live tackling with the team instead wrapping one another up until the whistle.

The goal of the day was to have the players react to a game-like environment. The Chiefs also used the simulation to prepare the coaches as Romeo Crennel managed the defense from the sideline and Chalrie Weis called the offensive plays from the booth.

The word from the usual suspects that were in attendance was that the defense won the day. Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride reported that the front 7 was doing a good job of putting pressure on the Chiefs QB’s.

The play of the day went to Chiefs first round draft pick Eric Berry when the rookie picked off a Brodie Croyle pass in the endzone.

The Chiefs get tomorrow off and will resume camp on Monday.

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