Arrowhead Adventures! Training Camp Edition!


Wow, if you were not around Tuesday, you missed a lot of excitement here at AA. William and I were at camp, sending updates to AA, along with exclusive video’s and pictures! We had a great turnout for it on the site, and hope to do it again soon. Thanks to all who helped!

Camp was a new and exciting experience for me. It was hotter than any day I can ever remember in Missouri, and both the players and coaches were clearly affected by it.

Some drills seemed to be about half intensity, and as Patrick pointed out, there are some real health concerns for both Weis and Crennel. Visibly out of shape, they both struggled to the point that I honestly felt their direction lost some of its snap with the players.

Without further delay, I’d like to post my thoughts on camp as a list of things I learned about camp, the NFL, and profootball in general.

1. The players are much more aware of the fan presence than at the games.  I see it as a crowd vs individual fan mentality. Many of the drills have the entertainment of the fans in mind. As they talk to coaches, security, and each other, you get a sense they are aware of you standing there hanging on every word. The interaction is awesome!

2. Training camp ain’t no joke. The conditions are extreme. The drills are back breaking. The players and coaching staff clearly know what’s at stake.

3. Despite the fact that many of these players are worth half of the head coaches in the league put together, they react to critisim and praise much like you would expect a high school player to do.  Its a warm comforting feeling to see Brandon Albert straighten up and smile broadly when his coach compliments him on good follow up questioning. Its also amusing to sense a “what a brown noser” reaction from the rest of the team.

4. There is a very real sense of an “offense vs defense” mentality amoung the players. Not a lot of  “consorting with the enemy”.  Casual groups of white jereys and red jerseys form , no mixed groups did this reporter see.  They do actually in some drills I guess, (i.e. scout team vs offense) but usually in seven on seven, goal line, etc, offense and defense are separated.

5. These players are freaking huge. The melons on some of these guys nearly have planets revolving around them. At Arrowhead, even on the front row your elevated a considerable distance above the players. At training camp your at the same level. And you feel like your two feet tall. This brings into focus the quarterbacks peril each and every time the ball is snapped.

5. Eric Berry is going to be very very good.

6. Brody Croyle is trying to get my hopes up again this year by kicking ass in training camp. Sorry Brody, not buying it anymore.

Tips for Training Camp Attendees:

1. Bring one big huge bottled water. They allow one in, but don’t limit the size. Only water is allowed in, no coolers. I could’nt find a water fountain to refill my bottle either.

2. Parking is free and so is camp entry. Plan on hiking a considerable distance unless you want to pony up the ten bucks for vip parking. All and all its a very cheap and fun day.

3. Video is prohibited but they don’t even look at your camera, its the rare ditigal rig that does’nt have some kind of video capability, so plan on shooting away. Still photography is not only allowed by encouraged by the Chiefs organization. God bless ’em its quite a treat. 🙂

4. There is plenty of room in the bleachers but bring a chair with a canopy or umbrella. You will be very very glad you did.

Simply put, training camp is awesome and its back in Missouri where it belongs so if you possibly can make it for a day, its well worth the effort.

As always, questions about training camp or game day at Arrowhead, just email me at or slap down a post.

My current plan is to be back Monday, this time I’ll be enjoying VIP passes provided to me by the KC Chiefs organization! See you then!