Evening Practice Report


We didn’t have anybody at practice last night relaying information but we are very fortunate to have one hell of a Chiefs blogosphere. The best team in the land has some of the best coverage int he land. Josh Looney does a fantastic job over at KCChiefs.com. The Kansas City Star, for all the crap they take from readers, has some very good reporting. Kent Babb, in particular, does a great job covering the Chiefs. You also have Arrowhead Pride where the Thorman brothers rarely miss a beat.

We always try to bring you our own slant on things here at AA but when we can’t, we are more than happy to direct you elsewhere.

Joel Thorman of AP was in attendance last night and he has a really good wrap up of some of last nights highlights. Check it out!

Also see the wrap up and Todd Haley interviews over at KCChiefs.com.