Randy And William Live From Camp!


Randy is reporting live from today’s practice. Be sure to refresh this post as I will be relaying updates live. We are also receiving updates from reader William Grobmyer. Keep refreshing this page. This is going to be an epic practice report!

Major props to William and Randy!

Randy: Hot as hell.  Players Arenas, Lewis, first on field. Also Mcluster.

Randy: All three QB’s on field now. Brody has kick ass ARM strength.

Randy: Weis calm but stern. Calling situational plays.

Randy: Weis compliments Albert on good follow up questioning.

Randy: Player yells turn up the heat everyone laughs. Players rush bleachers crowd yells go Chiefs.

William: More players arriving doing some drills together.

William: Jackie battle on the field early to do some jogging and stretching.

William: Offense and defense running plays alone to start off

More updates, pictures and video after the jump. This post is updating live.

William: Individual drills

William: Special teams is main focus right now

Randy: Drills near bleachers. Seem to be about fifty percent effort. Heat obvious factor.

Randy: I’m chased back to my seat. Very kindly though.

Randy: Crowd discussion where is Waters.

William: Defense weaving pads offense doing sprints

William: Runners running through pads receivers working on reaction and defense knocking the dummies.

William: Defense working on trench battles with o line positive feedback from coaches to receivers.

William: D backs working on coverage staying tight.

William: Pierre Walters not practicing.

Randy: Pope seems gigantic.

Editor’s Note: Pope IS huge. He is actually taller than Cottam.

Randy: Defensive back drills. Berry looks extremely athletic.  Good God he is fast!

William: 11 on 11 Bowe takes good hit after catch.

William: Cassel throws to no mans land and hits Chambers down middle next  play.

William: Running backs still looking strong.

William: Brodie nice pass to Copper on sideline, then way under throws ball.

William: Brodie overthrows Copper.

Randy: My man Andy Studebaker praised for hustle by o line coach.

William: Defense holds T Jones for two plays then Jones got on the outside. Next Mike Cox found open hole. Battle with a nice counter.

Randy: Running backs appear to be doing something new to KC…..running around and through holes in defensive line!

William: Succop making his field goals.

William: Doing kick returns McCluster blazing down the field.

Randy: Jerhemy Urban just caught a kick Ass turn around catch.

Randy: Crowd just went nuts. Did William catch what happened?

William: Brodie deep pass down middle to Urban TD catch. Copper dropped easy catch. Arenas great coverage on Dexter to bat it down.

William: Dexter shook Cameron Sheffield and two other defenders on a screen. Loud ovation from crowd. Tony Moeaki with nice catch from Brodie to take it to the house.

Randy: When Haley says “jump” these guys ask “how high.”  Very obvious he is respected and has control of the team.

William: Chambers drops easy catch on offensive drills.

William: Mays wraps up Dexter for short gain.

Randy: Weis seems physically effected by the extreme heat humidity combo. Haley is thriving in it. Bows seems to thrive in it. This weather is very similar to Louisiana climate.

Randy: Brandon Albert near fence. He is a man mountain but agile and also seems unaffected by the heat.

Randy: Current Randy fluid intake at 110 oz.

William: Chambers makes great catch in end zone with tight coverage from Carr.

William: Copper comes back to catch Cassel’s pass.

William: Cassel under throws Chambers. Daniels would have batted it down. Gunnel misses catch that went in front of him by Brodie.

William: Dexter making his own holes on kick returns.

Randy: Team called in for wrap up.

William: Goal line Cody slate drops catch in end zome minor scuffle

Video: 22183490830_ORIG

Video by Randy