Practice Is Underway (Live Post)


Alright Addicts. Practice is underway. I am going to be monitoring information through various channels and I will bring updates to you throughout the practice. This post will updates as reports come in so be sure to refresh the page every 10 or 15 minutes. As I mentioned in my last post, I am in a Brooklyn courthouse today serving jury duty so if the updates suddenly stop or I vanish, you know it is because I am cracking down on NYC’s criminals.

Here we go:

*Rainy situation in St. Joe’s today. The players likely welcome this as it is a nice respite from the heat.

*Early on Casey Weigman was snapping for Cassel, Niswanger for Croyle.

*Maurice Leggett is currently MIA from practice. This could mean all kinds of things. Might be a personal issue.

*Derrick Johnson told Josh Looney that Haley claims the ILB competition is wide open. Johnsons says that is right up his alley.