Morning Practice Report


A lot happened at this morning’s practice so let’s get right to it. Special props go out to Cory Wakeland who hooked us up with some great pictures.

There was a minor skirmish at the end of camp. The team was working out of their Wildcat formation with Jamaal Charles at QB.  Charles took the snap and the defense stayed home, rushing to the RB. One f the defenders lifted Charles up and slammed him in to the ground. The Chiefs offense did not take to kindly to this move and a minor fight broke out.

Our man on the ground Corey swears he saw Cassel throw a few punches but he wasn’t able to capture them on camera. He did capture some pictures of the fight. He did capture some shots of the melee which are after the jump.

Here are Corey’s shots of the fight. Cassel is in yellow on the left.

Apparently the fight was not too serious. These types of incidents are bound to happen in training camp. I am loving that this is happening on the 2nd day of camp. I love hearing about the offense rushing to the defense of one of their teammates. It shows the Chiefs offense (and defense) is already developing an identity. Last year we didn’t see these types of things when the Chiefs were on the field. I think it is a good sign.

Haley said later that he doesn’t want the team fighting and I am sure he doesn’t want it to be an everyday occurrence but trust me, the coaches like to see this sort of passion.

More updates and observations:

*Word is that Shawn Smith was doing a heck of a job playing NT today. He received encouragement from both Haley and Crennel and according to the Heartland Health Practice Report, he stuffed multiple rushing lanes playing the zero technique.

“I’m just focusing on not letting the center up,” Smith said. “And we’re also working on reaching the guards and on fighting the double-team blocks.”

It is still early but for those of you that are worried about the NT position, this is a good sign.

* Eric Berry was at practice today as you can see from the picture at the top of this post. He wasn’t just carrying pads though. He also apologized to the team for missing yesterday’s practice. I haven’t heard any specific reports of his work n the field yet so here are 2 more shots of him carrying Bowe’s stuff. I am liking Berry more and more. He seems like a humble, hardworking guy. Let’s hope he stays that way.

* The word out of practice #2 is that Dwyane Bowe had another good day. Haley is happy with him and told reporters that Bowe is fighting to be one of the best receivers in the league. Bowe also does not appear to have any interest in running his mouth. This is the 2nd day he ran right past reporters following practice.

* Dexter McCluster gave the crowd a fright when he limped off the field. Not to worry Addicts, it was just a cramp.

* Eric Berry did line up with the first team defense alongside John McGraw.

That is the notable stuff from this morning.

Here is an interview with Eric Berry.

Here is Arrowhead Pride’s practice report.

We’ll see you back here this afternoon for more practice updates. Please give Corey a big AA thanks for the awesome lo0k in to camp he provided for us today.