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Wrapping Up Day 1


It was a long an exciting day around AA and across Addict Nation. It started with the rumors that the Chiefs and Berry were close to a deal. Then the Chiefs unveiled the statue of Lamar Hunt at the new Arrowhead. While the Chiefs were settling in at River Falls St. Joseph’s, the news broke via Twitter that Berry was on his way to camp. The tweet came from Berry himself. We got the details on Berry’s contract which is rumored to be 60 million with 34 million guaranteed, making the 1st round pick out of Tennessee the highest paid safety in NFL history.

Next came the practice which was washed out with thunder and lightening at first, forcing the Chiefs inside. Fans huddled in a tent but the clouds soon parted, perhaps signaling good things to come for this down on it’s luck franchise and the team returned to the fresh air.

Reader William provided us with a blow by blow account and we were able to discuss the practice almost as if we were all sitting there together in the bleachers, sharing a few beers and taunting the ghost of Larry Johnson.

It was a heck of a day and we are just getting started. After the jump, I’ve got tomorrow’s schedule.

The Chiefs will be following a 1-2-1-2 format throughout training camp. Since today featured only one practice, tomorrow will feature two.

The Chiefs will take the field tomorrow morning at 8:50 (CST) till 11. They will break for lunch and film study and will hit the field again for practice #3 from 4:30-6:30.

Be sure you stop by AA for updates on all the goings on in St. Joseph’s. We’ll be bringing you up to date info throughout the weekend and all through training camp.

If anyone is going to be at either of tomorrow’s practices, please email me at

I’m turning it everyone. Have a good night and we will see you back here tomorrow for The Morning Fix: Training Camp Edition!