Chiefs Practice Report


The Chiefs are practicing and the reports are starting to pour in. Keep an eye on this post as I will update it throughout the practice. If you are going out, keep an eye on AA’s twitter as I will be tweeting as well.

Practice is over. Thanks to reader William for all the observations!

* Brian Waters, Gales and Nudukwe are being held out of practice. No word on if this is because of injury or because they failed the conditioning test.

* No sign of Berry yet though he is on his way.

* No sign of Page.

*AA’s man on the ground, William, tells me the rain has cleared up and that the team should be moving the practice outside soon.

*Chiefs are outside.

*Per William: Lineman are doing trench battles,  all qb’s lining up with receivers on passing drills, defense is working on coverage.

*Per William: Running drills. Running backs smoking the D. D can’t wrap them up.

*Javaris Williams slipped on a draw

*Palko fumbled snap

*Croyle hit copper on deep sideline pass with coverage palko fumbles again

More after the jump:

*Lawrence dropped easy catch by brodie

*Charlie kicked Palko off called over brodie

* 11 on eleven chambers drops easy catch

*Battle breaking big runs

*Succop kicking field goals and not missing

*Bowe with a magnificent diving catch on sidelines both feet in bounds

*Dexter drops high pass by croyle

*Running backs showing toughness refusing to go down

*Number 89 who is unlisted on roster makes great effort to grab pass from Palko down middle of field but fails to hang on. D bowed another magnificent catch on the sideline he is looking good

*D Bowe again changes direction for great catch from Cassel

*Brodie is hitting his targets

*Brandon Carr makes nice pick off of Croyle

* I don’t think Weiss is liking Palko. Keeps raising his voice at him right before throwing a pick to Leggett

*Chris chambers 40 rd catch by cassel 11 on 11

*Battle is looking tough along with the other backs

* Urban juggles catch but comes up with it

*Defense needs to work on run coverage

*Palko throwing high uncatchatchable balls

*Taking it in from the 2 Jones gets in easily

*Looks like final stretchouts

*Practice has wrapped up in St Joseph