Arrowhead Adventures! NFL Season Is Here!!!


Well its official gang, I finally pulled the trigger on my last elusive pair of 2010 tickets. Your Arrowhead Adventurer is offically going to both 2010 Chargers – Chiefs match ups! I caught some tickets for the game in San Diego at a price I couldn’t pass up. For me, the 2010 NFL season has officially started!

And as for you, the loyal member of our Arrowhead Addict family, well you likely don’t give a rats ass or worse, hope they befall the fate described in the tickets of last weeks post.  And I wouldn’t blame you! The bad news is you will have to endure a post or two about the adventures I’ll face in San Diego. Oh well, there are worse fates I surmise.

Next week I will be making the drive to St Joe to see my first Chiefs training camp, of course I’ll report back to AA with my invaluable team insight and opinions, as well as who I saw do what, and what she was wearing.

And as for this weeks post, well all this NFL activity got me thinking…

In the past the arrival of my tickets was my official start. Now that the training session is within driving distance,  my official start is most surely camp.

How about you addicts? What is your official start to the 2010 NFL season???