Are You Going To Camp?


As you can see, we had a wonderful practice report today. We were the only Chiefs site out there to have live, blow by blow accounts of the happenings on the practice field in St. Joseph.

The reason we were able to do that wasn’t because I was in St. Joseph. It was because on of our readers, William, was. William generously relayed everything he was seeing back to me via his phone and I was able to bring it here to you in a live, updating post.

William will be there again for tomorrow’s afternoon practice.

We are looking for more on site reporters throughout the rest of camp. If you are going to attend any of the live practice sessions and you can email or text to me what you are seeing, please contact me at

The information you can provide will be invaluable to the readers here at AA. Thanks again to William and all of you for hanging out with us on the site today! I hope to see you all back here tomorrow as the Chiefs will practice twice.