NFL To Stream Preseason Games


According to an article in USA Today, will stream all of the NFL preseason games live for those willing to pay for a $40 subscription.

This may seem like an expensive price to pay for football that doesn’t matter but for out-of-towners like myself, this is a Godsend.

Last season I had to scramble around the internet watching various illegal feeds (not that Fansided or AA condone that sort of behavior) of varying degrees of quality. Every 30 minutes the feeds would get yanked by the NFL and I ended up missing half of the games.

On a team like the Patriots with established veteran starters, the preseason might not be that big of a deal. But for the players on this very young Chiefs team, preseason games are vastly important. there are a number of positions that will be up for grabs and I for one am very interested to see the first two strings of players in live play.

Preseason may not “matter” in the win/loss column but we can also learn a lot from it. It was obvious last preseason that the Chiefs had major problems on offense and those problems carried nearly all the way through the season. You may also remember the terrible protection that knocked Matt Cassel out with a knee injury. The Chiefs then traded with the Dolphins for a couple of terrible offensive lineman.

The preseason DOES matter and I for one will be coughing up the $40 to get a look at our team. If you are out of town like me and can’t drive up to St. Joes, if you can afford it, I suggest you do the same.