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Herm Answers Me On Twitter


Former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards is on Twitter. If you are on Twitter I highly recommend you follow Herm. He answers a bunch of questions every morning, at the same time, like clockwork. He always fields questions about the Chiefs and the Jets.

While I don’t think he was the greatest coach, I like Herm and I think he knows football. I enjoy him very much as an analyst and I think he would probably be a terrific scout. Anyway, I asked Herm a question yesterday and today, he answered.

"HermEdwardsESPN This will be the first time he had the same qb in 2 for 2seasons.RT @Arowhead_Addict: is this the year D-Bowe becomes an elite receiver?"

What do you think Addicts? Herm doesn’t really answer my question but he does make an interesting point. How much do you think D-Bowe will benefit from finally having the same QB in successive years?