AA Commenters Of The Week


Welcome to another edition of Commenters Of The Week. This is just another way we like to recognize our

readers for their contributions to AA. There were a lot of strong comments this week so it was hard to pick.

Here are a few of my favorites:

From Blockeater:

"To be honest I haven’t had many “perfect days” with the Chiefs. It seems that when they build your hopes up to the highest possible point, a let-down is inevitable in the near future. There is one day that was absolutely perfect that might be a little controversial on this board.November 24th, 2007 @ Arrowhead. No, it wasn’t the Chiefs game but the first time Missouri played Kansas at Arrowhead. Everything was on the line. KU was #2 in the country and MU was #3. The #1 team, LSU, had just lost at home in triple overtime to Arkansas. Everything was building to make this a huge game (which as a Chiefs and Royals fan made me nervous). The tailgating was electric and filled with rival fans BBQing together and talking friendly smack. MIZ-ZOU and Rock Chalk Jayhawks could be heard around the stadium for the hours leading up to the game. The Tigers won the biggest game I have ever seen them play in my lifetime. I got to spend it at the game with my family (all MU fans) and my sisters’ husbands (both KU fans). It couldn’t have gone much better, especially ending on a sack of Todd Reesing. It was amazing."

From Chiefsfreak23:

"Great read!!!!!!!! True fans dont like the pain….we live and die with our teams. We are willing to have to deal with the hurt and anguish for the chance of feeling th euphoria of that “perfect” and fair weather fans will never get or understand that"

Some trash talk from Warpaint Denny:

"Chargers have Norv “I cant’t win a big game” Turner leading their ChargeRaiders are still managed by Al “The game has passed me by” DavisDonkeys used a 1st round draft choice to pick the most beloved “overachieving college QB”in this years draft, and still managed to lose their most exciting if not most self indulgent playmaker in their franchise history {excluding Elway} to the “Fins”."

And special props go to Spillman who has been killing it in the Forums with interesting posts.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and commented this week! Can’t wait to see how things will pick up as we move in to training camp!