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Cassel Putting In Extra Work With Leinart, Palmer


Dwayne Bowe isn’t the only Chief putting in extra work to get ready for training camp.

A recent Sports Illustrated article claims Arizona QB Matt Leinart, Bengals QB Carson Palmer and Cassel are holding secret training sessions at various locations in Orange County. The article goes on to say that the QB’s are moving locations to keep from a crowd of USC fans from finding them and causing a distraction.

We all know Cassel is a hard worker but it is good to see him getting together with other QB’s and working to improve himself.

It appears as though Cassel has kicked things in to another gear this offseason. He has reportedly bulked up quite a bit this offseason, adding some muscle to his 6-4, 230 pound frame. The Chiefs QB still has plenty of room to grow and if he fails in his NFL career, it won’t be for lack of trying. Hopefully all of Cassel’s extra work in the wight room, practice field and film room will translate intoo victories for the Chiefs in 2010.

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