10 Reasons The Chiefs Are Better Than The Raiders, Broncos and Chargers


10. Jamarcus Russell was so bad that getting Jason Campbell was actually a step up in the QB department.

9. It took 3 losing seasons for the Chiefs to start to have trouble filling their stadium. The Chargers have trouble filling their stadium after seasons in which they made the playoffs.

8. The Chiefs, unlike the Chargers, didn’t trade up in the first round of the draft to select the 2nd best running back in the class.

7. When he gets mad, Todd Haley yells on the sideline. When Tom Cable gets mad he punches his staff members in the face. Then he lies about it.

6. Todd Haley; he’s not perfect but at least he aint Norv Turner.

5. The Chiefs didn’t draft Tim Tebow. In the first round.

4. Chiefs fans represent their team at the stadium by dressing up in red and gold. Raider fans represent their team by dressing up in Halloween costumes to prove to each other that there are scarier things in life than watching Raider football.

3. Todd Haley, unlike Josh McDaniels, has gone through puberty.

2. Chiefs fans are classy. Raiders fans stab people. Usually Chargers fans.

1. Clark Hunt donates to charities. Al Davis eats babies for breakfast.

Alright Addicts, now it is your turn to engage in a little AFC West trash talk. Why do you think the Chiefs are better than the Dolts, Donkeys and Faiders?

*When Raider trolls show up and they will, please ignore them.