What is Page Worth?


It’s obvious that the Chiefs and Jarrad Page are a divorce waiting to happen. The Lions have been floating around there for some time as an obvious interested team. The Lions DC, Gunther Cunningham knows Page, He runs a system that could use Page. PFT is now reporting more interest from the Lions.

Given the way Pioli handled Bernard Pollard last year, teams are probably reluctant to  pony up a draft pick if they think Page is going to get cut. So, this has become a waiting game. Unless another team emerges in the bidding, the Lions have the upper hand.

At this point, I want to pose two questions for everyone to consider and answer in the comments.

1] What is fair value for Page?

2] if a trade is made, what round draft pick (conditional or not, max value of the pick) do you expect to get back.

My thought is that Page is a decent young corner and is worth a 5th round draft pick. With the Lions being the only team apparently in the running, I expect a deal would be for a max value of a 6th round pick. However, I would think Pioli would pull the trigger on a 7th round pick to get this matter behind the Chiefs. Those are my thoughts, now sound off!