Merlin’s Magic: Walter, Walter, Walter Edition


Loyal readers on AA know me as sort of the resident curmudgeon. I generally pass on the Kool Aid for a stiff dose of reality. Personally, I am not buying the Chiefs as a potential playoff team until they show me they can stop the run. While all of us who follow the Chiefs may disagree, the overwhelming consensus is that the Chiefs are an improving team. With another draft behind us and a soft schedule, folks are dreaming of flirting with a .500 record….. or even more. Links are being posted to X site or Y prognosticator predicting a big improvement. Then there are the fine folks at Walter Football. If you have been reading Walter Football, you know they are down on the Chiefs. I don’t agree with the degree of pessimism, but they provide warnings that should be considered. Even with that context, I was shocked by their preseason forecast. The entire review can be read here, but this is the conclusion:

"2010 Kansas City Chiefs Analysis: The Chiefs have no sense of direction right now. Their overpaid quarterback is terrible; the offensive line can’t block; the defensive line is the league’s worst; the pass rush doesn’t exist; and the head coach is mind-numbingly clueless. Kansas City is easily one of the worst teams in the NFL, and because general manager Scott Pioli has dug this franchise into such a deep hole, it doesn’t look like things will improve anytime soon.Projection: 3-13 (4th in AFC West)"

That’s right Addicts, Walter Football is predicting one less win in 2010 than we had in 2009. Stunned does not begin to describe my reaction. Even though I don’t agree with the degree of their critique, I do believe they have identified many of the problems areas we need to keep an eye on. The defensive line should be better, but will not be solid until we get solid play from the NT spot. The pass rush is underrated, but we need improvement there. Will it come from Studebaker supplanting Vrabel? I am a little surprised they didn’t mention the wide receiver position. Frankly, I have more questions there than I do with the offensive line. Will Bowe become the player we think he can? Will Chambers be good at his advanced age? The offensive line comment is probably the comment I think they missed by the widest margin. The line showed good improvement during the second half of the season and we finally have a talented rookie to develop along with Albert. Cassel was OK, but needs to show improvement this year. I will save my wins prediction for later on, but I will be predicting more than three wins.

OK Addicts, it’s your turn. Sound off! Do you agree/disagree with Walter Football and why?