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Looking Ahead: The Suplemental Draft


Who says draft season is over?

This Thursday, the Chiefs will have the opportunity to take part in the NFL’s Supplemental Draft.

What is the Supplemental Draft?

Basically it is a chance for guys who, for various reasons, were unable to enter the regular draft in April.

The Supplemental Draft works sort of like an auction. If the Chiefs are interested in a player, the can “bid” a 2011 draft pick. If no other team bids higher, the Chiefs would be awarded the player.

One player the Chiefs appear to be interested in possibly bidding for is BYU runningback, Harvey Unga. Unga was not able to enter the regular draft because he chose to withdraw from BYU for breaking the schools honor code. It isn’t clear what Unga did but some have speculated that his offense was having premarital sex with his girlfriend, who also withdrew. BYU apparently has a very ridiculous strict honor code.

It would make sense the Chiefs are looking for more RB help as it appears they plan on basing their offense around a strong running game. Multiple teams appear to be interested in Unga, who has been contacted at least twice by the Chiefs.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs spend a 2011 draft pick on Unga?

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