Chiefs Madden 11 Ratings Revealed


If you are a big Madden fan like me, you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Chiefs individual player Madden ratings.

It has been tough times being a Chiefs fan/Madden player over the last few years. The team has a severe lack of star power and the ratings have reflected that.

So how are the Chiefs fairing this season?

A bit better but still pretty bad.

Matt Cassel who was in the 80’s last preseason took a hit and now sits at 78. The rest of the offense is respectable with Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles coming in at 88 and 87 respectively. The receivers are better this year with Bowe at 84 and Chambers at 82. McCluster is a bit low, coming in at 70. Looks like the rookie will have to earn his rating on the pro field. The offense as a whole gets a boost with a much improved offensive line. Albert has dropped a bit to 78 but Weigmann and Waters both come in at 85 with Lilja trailing at 82. Ryan O’Callaghan actually saw a drop for some reason, to 76. He had worked himself to a low 80’s last season. I guess he has to prove himself all over again.

The defensive rankings are pretty awful and they left off Kendrick Lewis entirely.

The Chiefs highest rated player?

Punter, Dustin Colquitt coming in at 91.

If some of the ratings discourage you, don’t worry. If the Chiefs prove themselves individually and as a team on the field, their ratings will go up in the roster updates.

Check out the rest of the ratings right here and then sound off in the comments.