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Herm Edwards On Chiefs Bandwagon


Herm Edwards used to drive the Kansas City Chiefs Bandwagon until Clark Hunt hired Scott Pioli and Pioli, er…kicked Herm off the wagon. But now that Herm no longer has the reigns, there is plenty of room for him in the back of the wagon and it looks like the former coach is climbing back aboard.

Ever since ESPN showed Herm how to use Twitter, like clockwork he answers a few questions each morning. Inevitably he gets a question or two about the Chiefs and answers. Take a look at what he had to say today.

"HermEdwardsESPNI think they will be one of the surprising teams this year.RT @MrDru07: @how many years b4 the Chiefs could be a deep playoff/SB contender?"

Herm thinks the Chiefs could surprise this season and he isn’t alone. Even though it is only June, the Chiefs seem to be a popular pick to be the turnaround team of the season.

I have to say, it isn’t a bad bet. The infusion of big play talent and top tier coaches has league pundits paying attention. Factor in the Chiefs easy-sih schedule and all the pieces appear to be in place for a drastic improvement.

As we know, however, in the NFL, nothing is guaranteed. The most talent teams on paper often fall on their face and projected bottom feeders sometimes rise to the top of the division. These scanarios are part of what makes the NFL so popular.

One thing is certain, the Chiefs seem to be gaining momentum in the court of public opinion. If the team looks strong in the preseason, expect these types of predictions to continue.

It would be a welcomed change. After all, after 3 terrible seasons, there is plenty of room on the Chiefs Bandwagon.

Grab a seat next to Herm.