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Chiefs Should Announce Some Signings This Week


Things are slow right now but we are pushing through. Every day that passes moves us one day closer to training camp, so hang in there.

One thing you can look forward to this week is the signing of some of the Chiefs rookies. By this time last year the Chiefs had 3 rookies inked to deals so it stands to reason that someone will be signed this week.

The signing process can sometimes be a bit tricky depending on the player’s agent. It is usually easier to sign the later round guys but the top tier picks will usually be waiting to see what the guys picked before and after them get. That sometimes gives the team and the agent a frame in which to work.

Don’t be surprised if some of the 5th rounders get signed this week. As for Eric Berry, well, don’t hold your breath. The negotiations for his contract are likely to go right down to the wire. Let’s just hope Pioli can get all the draft picks to camp on time this year.