Arrowhead Adventures……Getting Tickets To The Game!!! Part 1


I’ve been a Chiefs fan for longer than I care to remember, and I’ve attended games that long too. Times, well the times do change at Arrowhead.

Ticket prices fluctuate like the stock market, actually very much like the stock market, they are affected by external factors such as fan interest, league pressures, and economic forces.

Ive seen games where tickets were literally being given away by fans who had extras, and …well, couldn’t give them away, as in 2008. I’ve also seen tickets go for four and five times the face value, such as the 2009 Cowboys home game. If your planning to attend a 2010 game, the time is now to get your ticket purchases squared away.

This week, I thought we would focus on the online forms of acquisition.

My favorite way to get single game tickets is through brokers, such as Stubhub or the actual team website. Its a pretty simple but effective concept. The owner of the ticket lists it for sale, the buyer purchases it. The broker coordinates the transaction and accepts a fee from both parties. Most guarantee the tickets are authentic which is a must for me. Online auctions such as EBAY do not. I find the online auctions generally end higher than brokerage sites will sell them.

The preseason period in my opinion is the best time to buy online, the tickets for some Chiefs home games occasionally go for ten bucks or less. Preseason game tickets go as cheaply as $2.00. Ticket acquisition has always been fun for me, so I check the online brokers daily.

For those of you who are thinking season tickets, buying from the Chiefs directly is the only way to go. For 2010, some season tickets are as cheap as $250.00. For those with a larger discretionary budget, great seats that have had waiting periods of 10 years or more attached to them, are available. That won’t be true for long when the Chiefs start kicking conference butt again.

The trend I’ve seen is for ticket prices to go up as we near the season, so if you have advance plans, my advice is start looking now. The only thing more fun than watching ticket prices, marking your calendar, and finding game partners is sitting in that seat at Arrowhead cheering them on.

Next week: Buying from a scalper.