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Position Battles: Fullback


Today we continue our series “Position Battles,” where we will be setting out very own Arrowhead Addict depth chart. It is a chance for Addict Nation to weigh in on who we think the starters should be heading in to training camp.

Last week we tackled the running back position.

Here are the results:

1. Jamaal Charles

2. Thomas Jones

3. Dexter McCluster

4. Kolby Smith/Kestahn Moore

5. Jackie Battle

6.  Javaris Williams

Obviously, the Chiefs won’t be going in to the season with 7 halfbacks. Most of the votes went to Charles and Jones, with Charles being the overwhelming favorite. After the Charles, Jones 1, 2 punch, Addict Nation wants Dexter McCluster to get the call.

Chances are McCluster will be listed as a receiver but he is likely to get a handful of carries each game. That means whoever ends up behind Charles and Jones on the real depth chart won’t see much action unless there is an injury.

Today we move on to the fullback position. The Chiefs haven’t had a Pro Bowl caliber FB since the great Tony Richardson left. Mike Cox has been doing a workman like job for the Chiefs the last couple of years.

Currently, Cox is the only player listed as a FB on the roster. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackie Battle got a look given his size. Battle is 6-2, 238. Tim Castille may also get a look at FB coming in at 5-11, 238. Rookie Tervaris Johnson is an option at 6-2, 248. Cox is the biggest of the group, weighing in at 6-0, 252.

By comparison, Tony Richardson is 6-1, 238.

Time to pick your starter: