AA Mailbag


If Bill Williamson can have a mailbag, why can’t I?

Other than the fact that I spend most of my life obsessing about the Kansas City Chiefs, I am no real authority. Still, you might want to know what I think about certain things and if you do, I will give you my opinion.

Thus, we are going to try our first ever, AA Mailbag. If you have any questions for me, simply submit them to Patrick.ArrowheadAddict@Gmail.com and I will answer then right here on the site.

I can’t promise I will be able to get to every question, unless of course the only email I get is from Ms. AA to tell me to get rid of that bag of clothes I left in the bedroom, in which case, I won’t won’t answer any of the emails.

So go ahead and send in your questions, if not because you want to hear my opinion, then because you want to give me the excuse that I am too busy blogging to get rid of that bag of clothes I left in the bedroom next time Ms. AA asks me about it.

Er…anyone have any good recommendations for pillows that work well on the couch?