Arrowhead Adventures: Ryan Sims Graffiti!


Ryan Sims! First draft pick in 2002 for the Chiefs! Check out the ESPN draft review:

"Three-year starter that saw extensive action as a true freshman. All-Conference selection as a senior when he totaled 43/7.5/5. Registered 52/9/6 and 33/6/1 as a junior and sophomore respectively. Explosive interior lineman effective defending the run or rushing the passer. Quick off the snap with a great first step, plays with forward lean , leverage and consistently keeps his pads low to the ground. Keeps his feet moving up the field and strong in his lower body. Effectively uses his hands to stay off blocks, wedges his way through the small creases and relentless in his pursuit of the action. Quick changing his angle of attack, redirects to the ballcarrier and explosive moving up the field. Constantly focused on or double-teamed by opponents. Not strong in his upper body, gets locked up with opponents or engulfed at the point of attack. Usually beats opposing lineman with his first step, or has difficulty beating them at all. Has the frame that could add more bulk and size as he physically matures, which will round him into a force at the next level. A line prospect with a great future. Early First Round."

Early first round is the only projection anyone got right. Except me! I had it right! When I heard Sims was to become a Chief I ran over to my friend Gerald’s cubicle and proclaimed it to be a mistake of epic proportions! I told him Sims was lazy! I told him that Sims would take the money and turn into a sloth. I told Gerald! Thats the way I remember it anyway.

Gerald remembers it a different way….

He says I ran to his cubicle, punched the air, and proclaimed Sims to be the much needed addition to bring us closer to a turnaround.

I think Gerald is probably right.

How could we all have made such a mistake? Its because you can’t factor “lazy” into a rookie I suppose.


As my friend Larry. puts it:

"“It is sad that we had to trade up to the #6 spot to move up two slots ahead of Dallas and pick Ryan Sims.  I believe it also cost us a 3rd round pick as well as a 2003 Draft selection.  To think of the talent that we could have obtained…..Dwight Freeney, Albert Haynesworth, Ed Reed and Napolean Harris to name a few….and we end up with Ryan Sims who pretty much was a complete Belly Flop from the high-dive at the local municipal pool. “"

Check out Adam Best’s post on Sims, its a great read and says it all. “Ryan Sims, The Worlds Biggest Piece of Garbage” Sims Is Garbage

The last time I saw Sims at Arrowhead he was standing on the sidelines in a Buc’s uniform, bringing back a foul smelling memory I had hoped to put aside forever.

Sims is a reason why I get more excited about the draft party than I do the draft itself.  I swore I’d never get overly excited about a draft pick again. Then we snag Eric Berry. Oh well the cycle continues.

Anyway I thought we would have a little fun, do some good old fashioned Arrowhead Addict Graffiti! Post a one liner about your feelings on the Ryan Sims choice. Let me get it started!